The Powerful Benefits of Herbal Tea

A1 Discount Vitamins has a variety of herbal teas to help keep your body healthy. A1 supplies herbal teas that contain an extensive list of benefits:

  • Cat Claw: Derived from the Peruvian Amazon, is known to maintain flexible joints and boost the body’s immune system. Perfect for cold winter months.
  • Pu-erh Tea: A Chinese herbal tea, helps lower cholesterol, aids digestion, has anti-aging properties, and assists with weight loss.
  • Graviola: A powerful South American herb is notorious for its natural cancer fighting abilities. This super herbal supplement can combat tumors, reduce anxiety, contains antiviral and antibacterial properties, and does much, much more.

To ease into the new lifestyle try A1’s Graviola 1 Month Trial Pack containing two supplement bottles and one pack of Tea; and be sure to grab A1’s 500 ml strainer glass tea mug while making your purchase to make transitioning into the herbal tea life a breeze.





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